Tao's Chinese Medicine is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers Traditional Chinese Medicine services at affordable rates to those who are in need; we fill the gap in treatment for those in chronic pain, chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, as well as general health maintenance. 


Our Model

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is most effective with a close Doctor-Patient relationship.  Tao's Chinese Medicine works by having frequent and convenient consultations and easy access to our TCM practitioners.

The herbs are customized for each individual patient, and comes in an herbal extract that is easy drink and travel friendly; just add hot water. The herbs could be conveniently shipped nation-wide, so Tao's Chinese Medicine can be your personal source of TCM no matter where you are.


β€œMedicine is not just about diseases, it is about improving quality of life.”

β€” Dr Daniel Tao, FOUNDER


Our Medicine


Tao's Chinese Medicine is based on the idea that health changes and by having regular consultations with the patient, a doctor can get the optimal results by staying on top of the changes of the patient over time.  We do this by providing a wide variety of informal modes of communication for our clients.

  • See the doctor during his clinical hours
  • Get in touch with the doctor with phone calls, email, video conferencing, or text messaging
  • Schedule a house call as needed.

After the consultation, the doctor would prescribe a customized mix of Chinese herbs, that's unique to the patient's presentation.  


Our Mission

To provide high level Traditional Chinese Medicine at affordable rates and with attentive care to those who are in need to ease the suffering and improve the quality of life of our clientele. 


Offer TCM services at sustainable prices


Provide attentive care to adapt to the individual patient's situations


By being flexible in patient communication, we can maximize the improvements of quality of life


Medicine is not just about treating a disease, it is about helping to support the body to function in daily living.  TCM is best at doing the small things, like helping manage pain, increasing quality of sleep, invigorating daily energy levels, allowing better mobility, and relieving stress and anxiety.  Traditional Chinese Medicine is about seeking balance in life, and helping to maintain and support that balance.